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Looking for some solid family folks that are interested in participating in a serious management program while having a great time with other members without any camp drama. We are going into year 20 on this property and are in Level III MLDP (now the Conservation Option). We work to try and keep our herd healthy and let our bucks fully mature. We have hogs, squirrels, and varmints to help keep you busy. If you want to go to the woods to drink and party all weekend, this is not the lease for you. If you cannot watch a 4 ½ – 5 ½ year old 10 point walk by without shooting, or you are looking for a "brown and down" or meat lease, this is not the place for you. We have developed great relationships with our owners, the Game Wardens, local law enforcement, and our neighbors and will not allow anything that would endanger these relationships. Our membership includes the immediate family at home and under 21. Without our kids involved, we have no hunting future. We limit the family to 5 deer total, with only one being a mature animal. Two stands per membership that must be approved prior to placement by our stand manager.  Will require the use of ATV to prevent road damage in wet weather. We have one main camp area with electricity ($200 per membership per year) and first year folks have a one-time $100 campground improvement fee that helps us maintain our improvements. We have 2 mandatory work weekends a year to clean up and put in our food plots. We expect our members to get along, support each other, and assist whenever needed. We have worked hard and have a great bunch of folks involved in our club. If you think you may want to become a part of our group, shoot us an email and we can discuss the details and see if we are on the same page. Ask for Duke.  Monies are due before May 1st.  Send me an email and I will send a copy of our Lease Rules.

$2700.00 Per Gun
SIZE 13,600.00 Acres
TYPE Standard Lease Listing
LOCATION Liberty, 77327, Texas
GAME Whitetail Deer

Liberty County Hunting Leases

Liberty County is in the East Texas Pineywoods wildlife district of Texas and comprises 1,174 square miles of timberland and grassland. The town of Liberty is the county seat and is about forty miles northeast of Houston. The county has various game species for hunting including White-tailed Deer, Hog, Alligator, Quail, Turkey, Predators, Dove, Crane, and Duck. Recreational activities include the Trinity River NWA, the Big Thicket, and various cultural events and points of interest.

Source: The Handbook of Texas Online; Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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