Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Know and What's New?

Welcome to These FAQ's are a collection of your most frequent questions and help solutions. If you have any others, please send us a message. Your Feedback is encouraged and welcome!

Key Things to Know:

  • PASSWORD RESET: Please read the instructions on the Password Reset Box carefully as the Reset Link is good for one time only.
  • The new "Keyword Term" search box allows members to search for leases focusing on a key word in the lease description box. Search a specific word such as "Guided" or "Trophy" and as long as it is in the description box of the lease listing, you will get a search result. At this time, the box does not search any drop down variables available in the Advanced Search link.
  • All of the old website search functionality is still available under the Advanced Search link on the home page, but with many new choices and features. We did this to accommodate more specific search requests as well as to get non-Texas leases in their own respective locations. Also, once you perform a search, you can save it to your BaseCamp Dashboard for future use and email notifications.
  • The Advanced Search now allows you search more parameters including acreage size, price ranges and on a per gun, lease or per hunt basis. This will help you narrow down your results to fit a more specific need.
    • Search Tip - Start broad. Use Region or County and with a primary game selection if so desired. Sometimes lease owners will not put everything in the drop down choices, but include it in the description box. Some older listings may not have these features included in their description, so keep your searches broad at first.
  • The Browse Leases function is accessible from the homepage as well. It will return all leases in order of submission and will eliminate the promotion of updated leases to the top of list. This is response to requests that this was being manipulated by some lease owners when nothing had changed about their listing but wanted to be at the top. This is now a premium service called featured leases.
  • Next, we added mapping technology so that you can just go to the USA Map on the home page and browse for leases using Google Maps. The closer you drill down on the map, the more leases you will see in the respective area. As our lease owners add or update their lease information, we expect that the leases will more accurately reflect their locations on the bubble markers.
  • "My BaseCamp" allows you to manage your entire membership and subscriptions with one log in and a convenient dashboard. Here you can post photos for other members to see and manage your saved searches. Also, there is no longer a need be classified as a "Lease Hunter" or "Lease Owner" as you will be able to do both with your membership.
  • "Featured Leases" are now available for lease owners who want to showcase their lease more prominently at the top of the lease listings pages - see details below.
  • Outfitters and Guides can now showcase themselves in the Outfitter Directory - see details below.
  • Classifieds are still available for products and tangibles related to hunting or those looking for leases. Leases and Hunts need to be posted outside of the classifieds in one of the aforementioned methods.

Description of Services:

Why should I subscribe to LeaseHunter as a Pro-Member?

First of all, what is your time worth? For less than it costs to fill a feeder, you can have instant access to great hunting leases as they come available year round. Many of our subscribers already have a lease. But good hunters know that in order to upgrade to a better one, you need to keep an eye out. Keeping a Pro-Membership active gets you in front of the line. Another benefit are the email updates with information about the Texas hunting scene, gear, deals and stories. Only Pro-Members will receive exclusive deals from our sponsors thus saving you money.

Currently, we offer two levels of subscription. A Monthly Recurring Subscription for $12.95 (Cancel at anytime via PayPal) and a Six Month Recurring Subscription for $29.95.

How do I renew my Pro-Membership?

If your membership has expired and you want to renew, log in with your user name and password and choose your membership preferences via BaseCamp. You DO NOT need to sign back up again if you already have a user name and password.

Services for Lease Owners:

If you have land for lease, the website will allow you to list your hunting opportunity for FREE. Just create a user account and you can add multiple listings for your leases. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE NEAREST ZIP CODE FOR THE LOCATION OF THE LEASE so that it will map correctly on the website. If there are special features or rules you need to convey, use the description field. As a reminder, any listing with contact information included in the description, picture of video will be deleted.

Featured Listing: Our new "Featured Listing" service allows your listing to appear on the first page on a rotational basis. It will also show up on the monthly email and as a featured lease on social media pages. This will assure your hunting opportunity gets frequent attention and potentially leased more quickly. Currently, you can list your lease as a Featured Listing for $99 for two (2) months or $199 for six (6) months and charges are recurring until canceled via PayPal (See canceling at bottom of page).

Your lease listing will be published up to 180 days or until you delete or unpublish it from your dashboard. The lease will be published in order of original published date on the website. You can update as many times as you want, but it will not change the order it is listed. After 180 days, the lease will be unpublished unless you renew it. UPDATING YOUR LEASE LISTING DOES NOT START YOUR 180 DAY TIME PERIOD OVER.

Services for Guides and Outfitters:

The NEW website now offers premium services to our Guide and Outfitter Members. The most important new feature is the "Outfitter Directory" service. Here you can list your hunting operation for all members to see, not just pro members. This will increase your exposure dramatically. The fee for this service is $99 for four (4) months or $199 for one year.

Classified Ads:

Classified Ads in are for those selling specific hunting related items. Or, for those who are wanting to post a "Lease Wanted" add. Ads for leases, guides or outfitters will be deleted. The cost for this service is $25 per month or $50 for three months and charges are Recurring until canceled via PayPal (See canceling at bottom of page). Adds can be Uploaded, Edited and Managed via your BaseCamp page.

I found an outdated or leased property, can you remove it from the database?

We strive to keep our data as current as possible, but in the event you find an outdated listing, please Contact Us with a description and county of the lease in question so that we may update our records. Thank you! We strive to keep our data as current as possible, but in the event you find an outdated listing, please contact us with a description and county of the lease in question so that we may update our records. Thank you!

Cancelling my account vs. cancelling my subscription?

When you sign up for a regular membership to the website, you can always cancel that by going into your profile and clicking on the cancel button at the bottom of the edit screen. However, this will not work if you are currently a Pro-Member with an ongoing subscription. To Cancel that, see the next question. You only want to cancel your entire account if you no longer with to be a regular member and stop receiving emails and saved search results that you have subscribed to.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Here is how to cancel an automatic payment via PayPal:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Payments.
  3. Select Automatic Payments.
  4. Select the merchant.

On this page you can cancel the automatic payment and change the backup funding source.