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83 Hunting Club
(Featured Listing)
Texas, United States
Updated : 05/30/2018
Price : $1,500.00 per gun
Primary game : Whitetail Deer
County : San Augustine
This property is regular East Texas Piney Woods.  I have had this property for 14 years.  We have been very selective in the harvest of mature bucks.  There are several 130 class deer killed each...
Whitetail & Exotic Animal Hunts
(Featured Listing)
Texas, United States
Updated : 04/11/2016
Price : $10.00 per hunt
Primary game : Exotics (Others)
County : Grimes
Exotic Meat Hunts Year Round Rifle Hunts Only Axis Deer Does           $1,200.00 Axis Deer Trophy        $3,000.00 Black Buck Trophy      $3,000.00 (Good Horns, Largest on Ranch) Elk Bulls...


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