Whitetail Deer

West Texas Deer Lease Uvalde County
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 02/25/2018
Price : $4,000.00 per gun
Rare opportunity for spots on 5th year game managed whitetail ranch due to an unexpected change in plans. Discriminatory priority and acceptance of mature, responsible and respectful hunters. Prefer...
Bow Hunting Lease Ozona, Texas
United States
Updated : 02/11/2018
Price : $3,700.00 per lease
Excellent Bowhunting Season Lease (October-January). Opportunity for two serious management minded bowhunters to join 7 other hunters on a 4500 acre game rich ranch in Ozona, TX (whitetail deer,...
Williams Ranch
United States
Updated : 02/19/2018
Price : $2,750.00 per gun
Hey guys I have 10,000 acres divided up into Thousand Acres pastures I have one Pasture left that will hold two people that gives you five hundred acres a piece I am looking for management minded...
Starr County Texas
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 04/03/2018
Price : $12,500.00 per gun
Looking to fill 4 spots on 8,000 acres in Starr County, Texas. The ranch is MLD and has a total number of 14 hunters. Closest town is Rio Grande City and it's about 15 miles away from the ranch. The...
Webb County Lease
United States
Updated : 02/04/2018
Price : $14,750.00 per gun
 3 openings available. 16 tower blinds, 23 corn feeders, 15 protein feeders, 10 cottonseed feeders. Good all weather roads. Several large tanks with some good fishing. Long term lease. Year round...
7000 Acres Webb County
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 02/09/2018
Price : $12,375.00 per gun
  We will be needing to fill a spot or two on our lease for the 18-19 season. The property is 7000 acres low fence in Webb county. The ranch is MLD 3 and being fed and managed to maximize our deer...
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 03/25/2018
Price : $11,800.00 per gun
This is one of the top low fence ranches in Texas. It is a turn key lease - all feeders and stands are in place. Ranch owner does all feeding of protein, cottonseed, and corn.  Ranch owner maintains...
South Texas Whitetail Trophy lease
United States
Updated : 01/31/2018
Price : $6,500.00 per gun
We have a 5600 acre high fence trophy lease in McMullen County. We predict killing from 3 to 5 whitetails scoring 150+ B & C yearly. This is a managed deer lease. We are interviewing for 2 member...
BWC 1300
United States
Updated : 01/30/2018
Price : $2,150.00 per gun
Looking for family friendly and serious management minded hunters. We are serious about our deer management and our safe family  friendly environment.  Our anual MLD deer lease starts rifle season...
BWC 1200
United States
Updated : 01/30/2018
Price : $2,150.00 per gun
Family friendly lease looking for a few management minded hunters. Our family membership includes you your spouse and childern under 21. We are an anual MLD deer lease, we start Rifle season  the...


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