Whitetail Deer

Alta Vista
United States
Updated : 09/13/2018
Price : $1,000.00 per hunt
  The Alta Vista is located 18 mi. south of Hebbronville, Tx. . We are a large family owned ranch that mostly does large long term leases. However we have approximately 2000 acres that we will be...
Bow Only
United States
Updated : 09/12/2018
Price : $2,000.00 per lease
6500 acres in western Scurry County. Bow only! 
United States
Updated : 09/12/2018
Price : $3,500.00 per gun
DEER / TURKEY / HOG LEASE AVAILABLE 4 hunters 556 acres Family Freindly LOCATION:  between Coleman & Brownwood TX New Blinds & Feeders provided $3500 / hunter Looking for a set of management...
BWC 712
United States
Updated : 09/11/2018
Price : $1,750.00 per gun
712 acres that we just acquired looking for 6 members that are family friendly and management minded. This property touches our 4500 acre MLD  property and will be going that way in a couple of years...
United States
Updated : 09/10/2018
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
THIS IS A YEAR ROUND LEASE THAT WELCOMES FAMILY MEMBERS.  . Well mainted two lane ranch roads, all electric gates. Close to Sonora Caverns for you and your family to enjoy after a hunting or during...
Sweetwater Creek, Wheeler Tx
United States
Updated : 09/10/2018
Price : $3,000.00 per gun
This land is part of the 1906 Limited Ranch. This 320 acre tract is on the Sweetwater creek and is ready for 3 hunters each paying $3,000 annually. You will not find more animals anywhere. Herds of...
640 Acre Lease 1 1/2 miles south Estelline Tx
United States
Updated : 09/09/2018
Price : $8,000.00 per lease
It’s getting late in the season but had a 640 acre lease come available in Hall Co. 1.5 miles south of Estelline Texas.   Hunters were gonna lease it and couldn’t get their money together.   This...
Edwards County Lease
United States
Updated : 09/06/2018
Price : $3,850.00 per lease
Ive got 1 spot open on a 3000 acre annual hunting lease. Located West of Rocksprings Tx. Cost is $3850.00 for the year made in 2 payments. This is a family friendly lease. Each member has their own...
8700 acre MLDP3 lease with lots of deer
United States
Updated : 09/01/2018
Price : $3,000.00 per gun
8700 acre MLDP3 lease. lots of deer and turkey. 5 month hunting season.  Thats right MLDP ranches start thier season October 1st and it's over the end of Feburary. We have 2 camp sites with power and...
Three Day Hunts in Kimble county west of Junction
United States
Updated : 09/15/2018
Price : $200.00 per hunt
Three Day Hunts are $200 for each person plus a per animal fee This family-owned ranch is located in Kimble County west of Roosevelt. Three Day Hunts are available and they make great birthday...


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