Whitetail Deer

Hunting Lease (Real County, Tx)
United States
Updated : 04/21/2018
Price : $650.00 per gun
Veteran Owned lease is available as a weekend lease. Cabin included, along with electricity (Geneator) and water. Open for Dove and Turkey Season at $125.00 a day Cabin Included, also open for Hog...
Hunting Lodge Mills county texas
United States
Updated : 04/19/2018
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
We have everything any hunter Needs and lots of things any Hunter would like!  And lots of game!
Green Pine
United States
Updated : 05/06/2018
Price : $1,250.00 per gun
Looking for two members to join 1 other member. 330 acres, pines,hardwoods,deer,hogs,bobcats. Price includes 3stands,feeders,corn. Looking for management minded hunters. 
Uvalde Lease
United States
Updated : 04/17/2018
Price : $4,000.00 per gun
need 2 gun/bow hunters to fill 3500 acre lease west of town off 90 on the south side. Gun Blind set up/hunter could set up a bow blind. You will need a travel trailer or stay in town -at hotel 11...
Annual Hunting Lease Leon County Texas
United States
Updated : 04/15/2018
Price : $5,000.00 per gun
Beautiful property in Leon County, Texas minutes from I 45 Centerville, Texas.  1 stone house, 1 camp house available with electricty and water plus storage for you vehicles and equipment.  Highly...
United States
Updated : 04/13/2018
Price : $2,500.33 per gun
Hunting Club
United States
Updated : 04/28/2018
Price : $1,334.00 per lease
  We are a family oriented lease membership includes your wife and any children as long as they are still in school or college. We currently go by state rules but still manage our bucks age structure...
Ozona, Tx Whitetail deer lease . Year round lease seeking families
United States
Updated : 08/09/2018
Price : $5,000.00 per gun
This ranch is a yr round whitetail ranch that has not been hunted in 15yrs. The ranch is 5200 acres with a 1500 acre sanctuary.  We have a large number of deer and need to put a group of family...
Looking for one group to fill 2800 Acre Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 04/18/2018
Price : $48,000.00 per lease
Description: Family Lease consisting of 2800 Acres of pastures and rocky mesas located at the intersection of South Texas and The Texas Hill Country. Location: “The Sweet Sixteen Ranch” in Uvalde...
United States
Updated : 05/13/2018
Price : $5,000.00 per gun


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