Carta Valley
United States
Updated : 02/13/2019
Price : $2,200.00 per gun
33 acres, looking for a management minded hunter for the log haul to share in the cost of feed and help on the ranch. $2100 for lease with 50% of feed cost
Moody Ranch Hunting Club
United States
Updated : 02/17/2019
Price : $4,000.00 per gun
This 3700 + ac ranch is a dream come true!  Lodging included with electricity, water, two-story home.  Each hunter is allowed to take one mature 5 1/2 year old Trophy Whitetail 8 pt or better Buck,...
XIT Ranch
United States
Updated : 01/10/2019
Price : $4,000.00 per gun
Whitetails & Exotics on managed property
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 02/02/2019
Price : $4,000.00 per lease
Game managed property. Game includes 3 bucks, 2 does, 4 turkey, multiple Axis, 1 aoudad, unlimited hogs & predators. 3105 acres mostly low fenced (on 3 sides) with live creek running through the...
8700 acre MLDP3 lease with lots of deer
United States
Updated : 09/01/2018
Price : $3,000.00 per gun
8700 acre MLDP3 lease. lots of deer and turkey. 5 month hunting season.  Thats right MLDP ranches start thier season October 1st and it's over the end of Feburary. We have 2 camp sites with power and...

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