Exotics (Others)

United States
Updated : 04/12/2019
Price : $108,000.00 per lease
8300 Acres Low Fence 2 Hours From San Antonio 24 Blinds and Feeders and 6 Protien Feeders Cook House and 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Lodging Lighted Skeet Range Walk-in Cooler Harvest - 17 Bucks, plus culls...
Moody Ranch Hunting Club
United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $4,000.00 per gun
This 3700 + ac ranch is a dream come true!  Lodging included with electricity, water, two-story home.  Each hunter is allowed to take one mature 5 1/2 year old Trophy Whitetail 8 pt or better Buck,...
Edwards County 1
United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $46,800.00 per lease
3600 acres 5bed 5 bath in 3 cabins 1 van 18 feeders and blinds Walk in cooler with cleaning facility  Feed buggy for rent @$75 +$25 a ton.  Storage with tools, compressors, mowers, etc to maintain...
Carta Valley
United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $2,200.00 per gun
33 acres, looking for a management minded hunter for the log haul to share in the cost of feed and help on the ranch. $2100 for lease with 50% of feed cost
265 Acres in Val Verde County
United States
Updated : 02/01/2019
Price : $7,000.00 per lease
265 Acres bordered by the Rio Grande on one side and a river on the otherside, Large pond is also on site in which we have been stocking with bass and catfish we will be farming hay next year...
Whitetail and Exotic Hunting
United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $2,750.00 per gun
Guided whitetail, axis and blackbuck hunting. Sixteen miles from Sonora in Sutton county. All low fence country, fed year round, plentiful game opportunity. Trophy whitetail bucks 8 point and above,...
Whitetail & Exotic Animal Hunts
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $10.00 per hunt
Exotic Meat Hunts Year Round Rifle Hunts Only Axis Deer Does           $1,200.00 Axis Deer Trophy        $3,000.00 Black Buck Trophy      $3,000.00 (Good Horns, Largest on Ranch) Elk Bulls...

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