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United States
Updated : 02/10/2019
Price : $5,000.00 per gun
900 acres exclusive with 2 cabins and fenced for 9 hunters out  of a 2000 acres ranch, covered stands and feeders, 5 deer per hunter,calender year 2019. Additional ajacent Buchanan Lake waterfront...
Throckmorton Throphy Hunting Lease
United States
Updated : 02/10/2019
Price : $2,750.00 per gun
HUNTING SEASON IS HERE DON'T MISS OUT !!!!!! Year Around Lease Need ((( 1 ))) hunter To Fill! Wife and Children Can Hunt But count As Your Harvest. " NO OTHER GUEST Without approval!...
Galvan Headquarters Hunting Lease
United States
Updated : 02/14/2019
Price : $13,000.00 per gun
The galvan Ranch Headquarters Pasture is in the heart of the Golden Triangle and has a MLDIII status.  This pasture has 11 tanks and is considered one of the best deer producers on the 50,000+ acre...
265 Acres in Val Verde County
United States
Updated : 02/01/2019
Price : $7,000.00 per lease
265 Acres bordered by the Rio Grande on one side and a river on the otherside, Large pond is also on site in which we have been stocking with bass and catfish we will be farming hay next year...
Prime Deep East Texas Lease
United States
Updated : 01/28/2019
Price : $15,000.00 per lease
Great East Texas lease. 250 acres surrounded by National Forest that backs up to the Neches River. We’ve taken some really nice bucks over the past few years. Lease also has a large population of...
Hill Country Hog Hunts
United States
Updated : 02/06/2019
Price : $250.00 per gun
560 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Unlimited hogs and varmints for $250.00 a day with a 2 day minimum. No less than a group of 4 on the weekends. Is less than 4 cost is $250.00 a day. we can clean...
Quail Hunting Preserve
United States
Updated : 01/10/2019
Price : $250.00 per hunt
Full day guided upland bird hunts (quail, chukar & pheasant) with dogs, guide, clay target shooting and bird cleaning included. Kids 15 and under FREE. I started in 2000 and have been guiding...
All Inclusive Corporate Pheasant Hunting Lease
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 01/08/2019
Price : $30,000.00 per lease
All Inclusive Corporate Pheasant Hunting Lease $30,000 This Lease is for 20 people, 4 to 6 people at a time. It Includes: Meals, Lodging, Hunting License, 25 roosters per person, O/U 12ga. or 20ga....
Corporate Lease(s)-7000 Acre High Fence-Trophy Whitetail and Exotics
United States
Updated : 01/29/2019
Price : $1.00 per lease
New Corporate leasing available! -All we need from you is your budget! Spend 10K per year up to 200K. Details below:  You have a budget in mind of what you want to spend on your lease for 2019. And...
Now Booking Whitetail Hunts for the 2018-19 season!
United States
Updated : 12/17/2018
Price : $1,100.00 per hunt
South Texas Whitetail Hunts UPDATED December 17, 2018. We have a surplus of nice 8 pointers that need to be harvested for management purposes. They make great Christmas presents for family and are a...


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