Duck Lease - Brookshire, Tx
United States
Updated : 08/11/2017
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
We have 2 openings on our private waterfowl lease north of Brookshire Tx.   1000 acre rice farm flooded rice with blinds roost pond good dove hunting (opening weekend) great teal hunting goose...
Duck Lease
United States
Updated : 07/17/2017
Price : $2,600.00 per gun
We are a private group of mainly weekend hunters hunting a 1000 acre rice farm North of Brookshire, Tx.  We have 4-5 flooded fields with blinds (pit and above ground).  Great group of guys that enjoy...
Dove Lease
United States
Updated : 07/10/2017
Price : $300.00 per gun
We are offering a dove lease in the central zone and south zones  . The lease consist of 7 locations and over 4000 acres in each zone . The lease has corn. milo, goatweed,plowed, rice, fallow grounds...
Duck Club Membership
United States
Updated : 06/16/2017
Price : $1,650.00 per gun
We are seeking group members for our duck hunting club!!! All land is between Katy, TX and the Coast and has guaranteed water!  Cost: $1650/ per gun which includes Duck/Goose and Dove lease. Dove...

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