Val Verde

Mack's Hunt Club
United States
Updated : 05/31/2017
Price : $3,400.00 per gun
8700 acres in Comstock TX. Nice camp site with power and water for your RV, or you can stay in town at the hotel! Camp is 5 minutes from town. Family and guest are welcome (they hunt of members tags...
The Canyons - Sonora Texas
United States
Updated : 03/19/2017
Price : $500.00 per hunt
Rugged picturesque canyon land near the Devils River in NW Val Verde County with extreme 50 mile views. Improved pasture roads for pick-ups and jeep. Located 6 miles from HWY 277 with excellent...
Dove Hunting Paradise
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 08/03/2017
Price : $63,000.00 per lease
Come and experience the best dove hunting in South Texas! We have thousands of acres of brown top millet, sunflowers, and grain sorghum! (Loaded up with white wings and morning dives) Package hunts...
Trophy Whitetail Lease/MLD
United States
Updated : 05/09/2017
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
3000ac with on going game management plan, Allowed one trophy buck 5 1/2 years min plus 9 points or better; one mgt buck 4 1/2 years min slick 8  points or better; cull bucks; does per game count...

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