South Texas Trophy Lease
United States
Updated : 01/15/2018
Price : $6,500.00 per gun
We have a 5600 acre trophy lease in McMullen County. We predict killing from 3 to 5 whitetails scoring 150+ B & C yearly. This is a managed deer lease. We are interviewing for 1 member and...
Special Archery Hog Hunt
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 01/09/2018
Price : $175.00 per hunt
specil Bow only hog and Javalina hunts 1-31 to 2-04 and 2-28 to 3-04. Bring everything you need. Ranch has a walk in cooler.    
Hog Hunting
United States
Updated : 09/19/2017
Price : $250.00 per gun
Hog Hunts in McMullen County South of Tilden, Tx with Rifle or Bow or any means except with dogs. Come hunt in real South Texas Brush Country. Hunt on comfortable custom blinds near feeders with Hog...
Great management Hunts
United States
Updated : 08/03/2017
Price : $2,500.00 per hunt
This is a 4 day hunt. We will be hunting for a large mature 8 point buck with somewhere around a 140" B & C score. Guide may elect to take a more mature buck if the opportunity arises. This...

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