Bracketville High Fence
United States
Updated : 05/20/2019
Price : $240,000.00 per lease
10,000 acre trophy whitetail lease. 5000 square foot lodge. Lots of blinds and feeders. Axis, aoudad, red stag, fallow and black buck. $240,000 plus protein and utilities. 130 bucks per year. 
All purpose year round hunting on this 9000 acre Kinney County Ranch, MLD managed for past 7 years,
United States
Updated : 05/03/2019
Price : $12,500.00 per gun
Great place for family, friends. Lots of varied terrain from Hill Country type hills and draws to South Texas brush. Lease is $8100 per gun plus expenses which are normally no more than $3400 per gun...
Whitetail Deer Hunts
United States
Updated : 04/26/2019
Price : $21,600.00 per lease
Year round lease on 1800 acres. Whitetail, axis, other exotics ( occasionally ), turkey, quail, varmints. Several Waterholes on dry creek. Boundary fence is high fenced on two sides and low fence on...
5000 acre Corporate Lease with Exotics!!!
United States
Updated : 04/09/2019
Price : $180.00 per gun
This is a beautiful piece of property in South Texas. Located on 5000 acres of primetime South Texas acreage and a 5000 square foot lodge with plenty of amenities. Blinds and feeders and feed already...

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