MLD Lease in Evant, TX
United States
Updated : 04/21/2014
Price : $10,000.00 per lease
Ranch Size: 9,500 acres Pasture Available: 500-600 acres +/- Improvements:3/1 House approximate 1200 sq ft, and barn MLD permitted hunting Type of hunting permitted: Rifle or Bow Hunting Game: Deer,...
Hunting Club, Hico, Texas
United States
Updated : 03/03/2014
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
At this time, no openings are available.  However, we are accepting applications at all times. This Hunting Club is situated 4 miles South of Hico, Texas in Hamilton County, Texas. It has been game...
Hamilton, Tx 1000 acres of Big Bucks !
United States
Updated : 11/17/2013
Price : $1,750.00 per hunt
Need to fill last few spots for the 13-2014 season. Nearly everything is provided. Guides, lodging, skining/quartering. You name it, we will cover it. Over 1000 acres . Lots of varmints including...

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