Rocksprings area lease
United States
Updated : 08/08/2017
Price : $5,250.00 per gun
I have a hunting lease in Rock Springs area.  5443 acres.  Conservation Option (Level 3 mld, no tags from your license).  Year around.  Lot of game.  Deer, turkey, hog, axis, varmints.  Lodging. ...
Edwards County Lease
United States
Updated : 08/07/2017
Price : $3,850.00 per lease
Located 16 miles west of Rocksprings on hwy 377. We have cabins, huge kitchen and dining area. Indoor bar, lodge with fire pit and covered patio. Each hunter has their own cabin and own blind and...
Low Fence AXIS and Whitetail lease
United States
Updated : 07/11/2017
Price : $55,625.00 per lease
4,450 acres. There are axis, whitetail, and turkey in volume. Hogs, varmints, and other species are in various capacities. The lodging is 2400 sq ft with 4 beds, and 2 bathrooms, as well as an...
Moody Ranch Hunting Club
United States
Updated : 07/24/2017
Price : $3,800.00 per gun
This 3700 + ac ranch is a dream come true!  Lodging included with electricity, water, two-story home.  Each hunter is allowed to take one Trophy Whitetail 8 pt or better Buck, one Whitetail cull Buck...

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