Corporate or Family Lease
United States
Updated : 09/19/2014
If you are looking for a lease that you are guaranteed to shoot a trophy buck that will score 150" to 250'. Then this is the lease. We have 8 to 12 bucks that are going to score over 150'  We also...
Bosque County
United States
Updated : 05/01/2014
Price : $1,600.00 per gun
Offering nine hunters to hunt this ranch that has not been hunted in many years. Experienced hunters only, electricity available for RV's but no water. Whitetail deer, turkey, dove, and hogs. 1600.00...
Bosque County Lease
United States
Updated : 02/08/2014
Price : $3,000.00 per gun
This 900 acre whitetail deer season lease offers blinds that are already in place with corn spin feeders and protien demand feeders provided. I have openings for 4 guns at $3000.00 per gun. The deer...
United States
Updated : 02/08/2014
Price : $6,000.00 per gun
This lease has it all. Great deer, duck and turkey hunting. The deer blinds are in place, each of which has a corn spin feeder that feeds year round. The lease price is $6000.00 per gun and is...

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