NE-l-Large Whitetail Lease

NE-l-Large Whitetail Lease
POSTED: 01/08/2019
UPDATED: 04/13/2019
United States
Standard Lease
per gun

There are big deer on the property. If you want more than you can grow them, you control the deer size.


Whitetail Deer and Turkeys like edges, we all know that. The like the edge of the corn where it meets the woods, they like the native pasture with it draws and dips for eating and cover. The deeper and more rugged the draws the better. To have these combination you must have an adequate amount of land that has all of these different whitetail prime habitat. We this lease has that and more. Add live water so that a good clean water source is always available year around. Deer like most animal must keep their system regular. They don’t have a drug store with “Carters little farter starters” or any thing like that so they mist mix the food intake sources to get the right results for proper digestion. You will be hunting in North Eastern Nebraska, in Knox County.

That is why you will never see a deer’s stomach with only 1 item in it when you clean a deer and are being careful not to open the stomach. If the eat 1 thing only like alfalfa it would ball up in their first stomach and block the entrance to the second stomach. It would pack and tightly like under a rotary lawn mower. This prevents the digestive bio, stomach juices from getting into the center of the mass and they will die of starvation with the first stomach being completely full. A mixture of foods, forbes, greens, small woody sticks, grain, even corn silk assures that their digestive juices can always travel through the stomach and start the digestive processes required to begin the digestive break down process required.

With that all said think about the “Edges” part mentioned above, they have a whole grocery store worth of different foods to keep they body regular and digesting properly. Think about it, have you ever seen a deer standing in green alfalfa reaching up and eating the end of an oak tree limb? This one is only a simple ½ mile from the main Niobrara river rut movement corridors so rutting bucks move through on a regular basis during their rut rounds. This area has so much deer traffic because it is so perfect, and it is close to other corridors you will always see bucks when hunting that you and your game cameras have never seen before.

This is a fantastic place to make big whitetails focusing on the deep draw, with water, and the woods. The most difficult part is being able to select a place for a blind or tree stand since there are so many, many good places. It would take years to understand all of the traffic patterns and know where the best place is. In the mean time you will still take good deer here every year. Leases like this don’t come around very often because once a group gets it and sees its potential they never let it go.

 Hunting licenses are available on-line from July 9th to some time is October when they run out for this unit.



The property is completely fences and signs posted to protect it from others. It can be hunted the archery season, usually October 15 through December 31. The Rifle is the second Saturday in November and for the next 9 days which is great to have you hunting during the rut. In addition, the 30 days of December the property leased is open for muzzleloader hunting. In Nebraska Muzzleloader have a minimal set of requirement. You can use scopes and sabots and so on. You will want to see the Nebraska Hunting regulations to know all of the details. You will be hunting in Nebraska popular MISSOURI HUNTING UNIT so you have your license information.


Lease Maximum Hunters

This Lease Property has a property maximum hunters limitation is three to 4 hunters in a couple of the prime areas. It will be a joy to hunt opening morning or any time related to weather and rut changes. The potential to build and manage big bucks here is fantastic.

We could increase that number but we hunt lightly and provide a low price for the lease so that you can take big whitetail deer not just deer. To do so there are a number of QDM type rules we follow to provide you a more quality successful hunt. We are not worried about you being successful we are well over 90% we are trying to keep the quality of what you take home something that you can brag about when you take your buck home. You will never regret the investment once you set trail cams and hunt it a season. Every year you hunt it you will say if I knew Friday what I know now that it is Monday, I would have a problem which of those monsters to take. The lease price per member is $ 3500 but due to the season we have reduced it down to only $1795 per member. 3 Hunters each.



The property consists of almost 1000 acres of pasture with trees in the draws with crops and you will need a road map to just find your way around in the Deer mecca of trails. There are some great locations to sit in ambush for traveling bucks rutty or just feeding either in ground blinds or tree stands. There is a huge traveling corridor on the property for deer transition from cover to feed across the property and just plain rut traveling. We call this corridor the interstate and a place to be waiting on opening day. We have seen 180 bucks during the daylight so we know they are there. These bucks are old timers and unless you hunt like an old timer you will just be lucks if you see them slip out on you, quickly and quietly. The next time you will see them it will be in the darkness on your trail cam if you are lucky. This is not a place for a new hunter, he will always tag out but the experienced hunter can take some real bone here if he is sharp and know that these bucks will only tolerate 1 mistake. This is trophy hunting massive whitetails.


So many hunters say on Monday, “If I knew Friday what I know now on Monday I would have filled my tag on Saturday morning instead of Sunday,” Because of this we are here to help you know Friday what you need to know Saturday morning. Remember Saturday morning you are the only ones on the property, it is your lease. You will want to be able to say what I know from my cameras and pre-scouting quietly and as scentless as possible allowed me to take this 180 and see 3 others that would have easily made the book.


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