Hunting Lease Wanted - 2 Responsible Couples

(713) 823-7897
Two responsible couples ~ mid 50's to early 60's ~ looking for year round family hunting lease, hopefully blossoming into a long term relationship to the mutual benefit of you and us. We are looking for 4 guns / limits total, could possibly go to 6 if needed. Must have hogs, exotics are a plus, and a few deer would be nice as well. We are responsible persons with upper management positions in large service organizations. We have extensive experience as lease holders on hunting properties and have references available. We are easy going and will not only pick up after ourselves, but pick up any other trash we see along the way. We are looking for a lease exclusive to our group and prefer not to have to fold in with strangers whom we do not know. If you desire leasing to responsible, management minded folks who will treat your property with the utmost respect please call, text, or email me. We are currently on a property but would like to be in place on a new lease by early spring. Our current lease expires at the end of February and we prefer not to have to renew it. Bill (713) 823-7897
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