4-7 Hunters looking for annual long term lease

Asking Price: 
$5 500.00


Looking for:
A long term, annual deer lease for my group of 4 hunters, but i'm able to fill 7 spots if needed.

We are able to spend up to $5500 per gun for the right place with lodging avaible and kids allowed.

Looking to be within 3 hours of driving from San Antonio, Texas.

We have our own feeders and stands if needed, we can feed protein if the lease calls for it.

Hunting predators is a plus, but definitely not a must.

Exotics (any) would be a plus, but also not a must.

Some background on us:
Us four consist of: Me (30yrs old w/young family), My dad (retired), My father-in-law (papermill management), father-in-law's best friend (insurance exec).
The other three would be: A papermill shift manager and two paramedics.

We are a calm group, have hunted on MLD 2 and 3 land mostly so plenty of experience managing a herd.

The four of us have been hunting together for almost a decade, the other three have been hunting with us a shorter time.

I want to be able to bring my 4yr old son with me, my father-in-law likes to hunt with his grandkids too so kids allowed is a must.


Colin Blom

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