3500 Uvalde Co Deer Lease

3500 Uvalde Co Deer Lease
POSTED: 03/25/2018
UPDATED: 04/17/2018
United States
Standard Lease
3 500.00
per lease

Lease Details: Family Lease, 32 members total w/ guest priveledges, 3 bedroom nice camp house w/ full kitch, ele, H2O, bathroom, ice machine. 12 miles off paved road through 5 gates approx 20mi NW of dwn twn Uvalde / 12mi SW of Concan, 1 trophy buck and 1 cull and 1 management doe per year, lots of hogs and turkeys, Full access during Deer & turkey season w/limited off season access, Rugged, rocky, mesas & canyons, cedar & mesquite infested terraine best suited for atv access, cows are the only managed livestock on property, some exotics, good group of members , large lie tellin fire pit, occasional squabbles over the definition of a cull buck as well as how to manage lease in general, $3000 / yr. My opinion from the last twelve years of hunting this ranch is that we have up to 140 class Max deer. Property is remote(just the way I like it) but very comfortable with most every ammenity required to grab two big handfulls of the great outdoors during the morning and afternoon hunts, , cut, clean and cooler your game, enjoy stories of great chase around a large firepit,eat a hot meal, hot shower and get a great nights sleep in a warm bed (earplugs not included). Trailers welcome as this is where I and most members lodge during our stays. Very few (six that I know of) members use the house for anything more than the full kitchen.

Our rut is usually at the end of Nov / the beginning of December.

What we are looking for in new members:
Real Hunters (NOT Killers) that will commit to helping us growing a better deer herd.
Adults who know how to pick up after their selves and will commit to completing camp projects / maintenance on their own initiative.
No Jekyl & Hyde Complex - people behave just fine in their home communities yet morph into Pancho Villa type egotists once they get a beer and a gun in their hands. Pmt of lease fees do not provide land ownership status.
People who know how to tell time and commit to follow 25 mph speed limit on 12 mi incoming access roads & will not drive in to lease and upset neighboring ranch hunters during deer season morning and afternoon hunt times.
People who in general know what constitutes a cull buck.(incidently it is not a 2 y/o 8pt w/ a 1O inch spread unless it is missing two of its legs and in the process of attacking your child).

Sorry to be so blunt as I know that there are some real decent folks out there. We need to fill these spots for the 2018/19 season with good ethical hunters.

I will be available to show this lease on April 7th & 8th. No members accepted sight unseen, I must meet candidates in person at the lease to make sure this venture will be a good fit for all.

Applicants are welcome to spend the night (don't worry we have a/c) and consume adult bevereges during your visit so we can get a better idea of how prone you are to that Hyde complex I was talkin about.

CAMP Rules

Please be aware that our deer camp is nothing more than a lease that we must take care of in order retain the privilege of membership.

1. Indian Creek road has a speed limit of 25 MPH. Please DO NOT exceed this limit as the neighbors will stop speeders and have been advised to report all Mason Ranch hunt club speed limit violators to me.
2. DO NOT drive Indian Creek Rd during the hours of 1 hr pre sunrise to 10:00 AM OR 3:00PM to ½ hr past sunset during deer season.
3. Speed limit in camp yard is 10 MPH.
4. Be Gun / Rifle Safety Conscious at all time. Please unload all guns (with the exception of holstered pistols) prior to entering camp and always keep them pointed in a safe direction. Members or Guest who disregard this rule will be escorted off premises.
5. No discharging of firearms inside camp yard unless it is in an effort to prevent the depredation of our trash or property by predatory animals by use of prudent means of control.
6. Take responsibility for your own trash. Please remember that we do not have trash pick-up services at the lease and all garbage must be either burned in burn barrels (burnable trash only) or packed out. Maintain control of all trash while in camp to prevent dispersement by raccoons.
7. No deer corn or grain of any kind is to be stored at house, in yard, in your lease vehicles or in your camp trailers. All grain found within the perimeter of the camp house yard will be disposed of upon discovery. All extra grain should either be taken home or stored in your individual hunting areas.
8. Those who are staying in or using the camp house must take responsibility for keeping it clean. Members who fit into this category must ensure that bathroom & kitchen have been cleaned and all floors swept out and vacuumed prior to departing camp w/ NO EXCEPTIONS!
9. Anyone using the kitchen, bathroom or any other common areas of the bunk house are expected to provide the effort to maintain their order and cleanliness.
10. No food of any kind outside that which is canned or placed in refrigerators or freezers are to be left anywhere inside the perimeter of our camp yard. Please take responsibility for disposing of your perishable items from refrigerators in an appropriate and timely fashion that should NEVER exceed the middle of January when each years Whitetail season ends.
11. No trash of any kind is to be left in our fire pit. All trash type items that you place in fire pit that are not completely consumed by the fire must be removed prior to lease trip departure.
12. DO NOT bring deer feeders or blinds into camp that are not staging for immediate transition to either your home or designated hunting area. All blinds or deer feeder parts that are left in camp are subject to immediate disposal.
13. Please keep our yard as well as your individual trailer areas neat and free of trash or debris. Our camp yard needs to express more of an orderly and actively lived in appearance to help reduce the possibilities of break-ins and theft from outsiders.
14. Please empty out ashes from fireplace, grills, smoker and common room pot belly stove after use.
15. All hunting from September 1st - January 31st needs to take place in YOUR designated area ONLY AND should not include any form of hunting outside of Deer, Hogs, Turkey or Exotics. The hunting of any area outside that of your own will require the permission of those who have been designated the area you wish to hunt. Absolutely no road hunting will be permitted during this time period.
16. This years Whitetail harvest should include NOTHING other than one mature trophy buck, one cull buck & 2 does. All harvested deer should be at least 3 ½ + years old or severely crippled or severely disfigured or in the process of taking your life.
17. Any willful destruction of camp property or member property will be reported to the Uvalde Co. Sheriffs Dept.
18. No guest or family member will be permitted on premises without primary member unless they have received approval from me. Otherwise, all guests and / or family members must be accompanied by primary lease member at all times.
19. Your children are your responsibility. All children under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times.

Hope all of this info helps build you a good picture about our camp. Call me if you are interested

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