2012 Early Teal Season Was One to Remember

By all accounts, this year's early teal season was one for the ages.  The little "Rice Rockets" made their annual pilgrimage through Texas in huge waves, much to the delight of waterfowlers.  This year's duck numbers were bolstered by favorable conditions in the northern states and Canada.  Populations were estimated to be nearly 10 million, making this year one of the best on record.

As usual, the Blue-winged variety of the three Teal species dominated the harvest.  As "Big Duck" season begins in November, the Green-winged variety will be found on occasion and maybe even the rare Cinnamon Teal who may have strayed off course from their western haunts.  For those who brave the warmer weather and the mosquitoes, the early Teal season is great introduction to migratory bird hunting season.  With the favorable rains the past few months, we should see dome good duck numbers holding in Texas for the rest of the season.

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