Lease Wanted

2018-19 Season & Beyond

Updated : 01/16/2018
Price :
I am looking for a year-round/ lease within 5 hours of DFW in Texas for 1-4 hunters. I am looking for a place that I can be on for a long time and can start bringing my son with me once he is old...
Responsible Family of 4 Looking for Deer Lease

Updated : 01/03/2018
Price :
Looking for a Year-round Deer Lease in or around the Hill Country. Our Family of 4 characteristics: Married 16 years, 2 kids Respectful of others always College Educated Christian Business Owners...
Jack, Montague, Palo Pinto, Archer or Stephens County Annual Lease Wanted 2,ooo+ Acres

Updated : 12/12/2017
Price :
We have 8+ experienced, responsible hunters looking for long term family lease in Jack, Montague, Palo Pinto, Archer or Stephens County. Size Desired: 2,000 -4,000 Acres. Game desired: deer,...
Group of 11 looking for long term NE Texas deer lease

Updated : 11/19/2017
Price :
Our group of adults have been hunting together for almost 50 years and have spent many years hunting in south Texas and the panhandle on MLD properties. We are now looking for something within 2...
Hunting Lease Wanted - 2 Responsible Couples

Updated : 11/18/2017
Price :
Two responsible couples ~ mid 50's to early 60's ~ looking for year round family hunting lease, hopefully blossoming into a long term relationship to the mutual benefit of you and us. We are looking...
Walker Creek Hunting Club

Updated : 05/09/2017
Price :
Walker Creek HC is needing members. 8200 acres in Honey Island Texas. $850 per immediate family. Campsites available. For more info call 409-656-2063 ask for Charles..
Looking for a lease less than 2 hours drive from Aransas Pass, Tx for 2 guns for '16-'17'lookin

Updated : 12/25/2015
Price :
Looking for lease that both my Dad and I can hunt without too much travel time.  Ideal lease location would be Refugio, Live Oak, Bee, Goliad, Victoria, Jackson counties, but open to other...
2016-2017 Lease wanted

Updated : 02/11/2016
Price :
Looking to for a Family oriented year round lease for the 2016 season and hopefully longer. 2-5 members. Electricity is a plus but doesn't have to have it. We are all management minded, really...
2015 Lease wanted

Updated : 06/29/2015
Price :
Group of hunters (3 to 4) looking for a year round lease in West Texas. We have hunted together for the past 20+ years who recently lost their lease due to sale of the property. Looking for 200 +...

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